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Hendrickson XP Hendrickson XP offers XP and Scrum Master classes.
Moutain Goat Mike Cohn offers several classes including Scrum.
J. B. Rainsberger has flexible training and coaching.
SCRUM Ken Schwaber at Advanced Development Methods
Charlie Poole at Poole Consulting.

Group Discussion

Yahoo Groups An Agile project management group at
A Scrum group at
An Extreme Programming group at


Agile Alliance Don Wells' extreme programming website.
Scrum alliance. Click Here! Ron Jeffries' website.
Kelly Waters at Agile software development made easy.
Martin Fowler dot com Martin Fowler's website.
Mary and Tom on lean software development at  Poppendieck LLC
Agile Manifesto The manifesto for agile development.
Refactoring The official refactoring website.


User Stories Applied User Stories Applied.


Succeeding with Agile Mike Cohn's new book. Solutions to most problems transitioning to Agility. Written for Scrum, but good for any Agile team.
Agile Software Development Alistair Cockburn's Agile Software Development 2nd edition.
Agile Project Management A complete survey of Agile project philosophies and processes. Contrast and comparisons.
Agile Software Development Ecosystems Jim Highsmith's book on Agile Software Development.
Agile with SCRUM How to use Scrum.
Lean Software Development Lean Software Development is all about cutting wasteful activities to a minimum. You will find most Agile concepts are backed up by Lean practices.
Crystal Clear Alistair Cockburn's Agile process. Crystal Clear was designed to be Agile yet low in discipline required to run it effectively.
The Art of Agile James Shore on Agile Development.
Retrospectives Agile Retrospectives.
Agile Extimating and Planning Agile Estimating and Planning.


Extreme Programming Explained Extreme Programming Explained 2nd edition. Explains XP in terms of values, principles, and practices. Plus general advice on getting started.
Extreme Programming Installed Extreme Programming as practiced by Ron, Chet, and Ann.
Agile with SCRUM Another book on Scrum.
Test Driven Development Test Driven Development is an important part of most Agile processes.
Implementing Lean Software Development More about Lean Software Development
Agile Testing Lisa Crispin's book on Agile Testing.
Working with Legacy Code A book of good advice for working with code that has no unit tests and resists testing.
Refactoring Refactoring Improving the Design of Existing Code. The first authoritative volume on refactoring. This book teaches you how to refactor and why.
Agile Modeling Agile Modeling. Practices for using models in an Agile environment.
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